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Sealed Offset (SO) Clamps



BTM's Sealed Offset (SO) Clamps feature a sealed mechanism which is protected against weld spatter, dirt, chips, and coolants. BTM SO clamps are manufactured from a one-piece body for true alignment; and for increased versatility, BTM's SO clamps allow the arm to be mounted in 8 positions on each side of the clamp. Adjustable Arm Position (AAP) or Over Center Locking (OCL) options are also available.

  • 38mm (1.5") 62mm (2.5") Bore Sizes.
  • Locking Toggle Action .
  • Sealed Mechanism ~ Lubricated For Life Of Clamp.
  • Large Bearing Area.
  • Integral Cylinder With Heavy Wall.
  • Pin Arm Drive ~ Quick Change & Versatile Positioning.
  • Hardcoated Aluminum Body.
  • One Arm Supplied with Clamp .
  • Pre-Fitted & Tested Proximity Switches Optional.


SO Clamp Photos

so_clamp_big so_app1 so_app2


BTM SO Clamp Features

so_1 so_2
BTM's Pin drive arms allow fast changeover without disassembly of the sealed internal mechanism. Clamp arms can be mounted left, right or dual without modification.
45° interchangeable arm positions.


BTM SO Clamp Options

so_aap so_ocl


BTM SO Clamp Specifications

  Saeled-Offset Saeled-Offset
  1500 Series Clamp 2500 Series Clamp
Bore Ø
38mm [1.5"] 63.5mm [2.5"]
Approx. Weight 2.0 kg [4.5 lbs] 9.0 kg [20 lbs]
Stroke 43mm [1.69"] MAX. 72mm [2.83"] MAX.
Arm Opening
130° MAX. 130° MAX.


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